I told you guys it was a goal of mine to show you more of me in my natural habitat, in more of my day-to-day outfits that are not necessarily curated for a post. I feel like so far I've stayed truthful to that. On the blog this year we have had tips on how to spice up your gym wardrobe, a graphic tee styled perfectly for Black History month, Valentine's day outfits, and an outfit to help you stay vibrant while dealing with negativity. That's a good balance right? Some cute with some casual! You guys make sure that you let me know because I am here to inspire you daily. I feel like being more of myself--which is pretty much everywhere on the fashion spectrum--would help me do that!

So today we are dealing with another graphic tee fit that happened to come together so effortlessly and the pictures came out amazing! If you did not know I am pretty much the athleisure queen. I live for pants that can double for the office and a night out with the girls, with fabrics that are stylish, comfortable, and everything in between. I took a trip to the museum with my photographer ,who happens to be a really good friend of mine, to see some art pieces and see if I could grab some inspiration. Museums are my go-to place when looking for inspiration whether it s a design project or an outfit that seems to be missing something. Well we got there in such a happy rush that we did not realize that it was closed on Mondays. SO we will have to go back, but while we were there an no one else was, we were able to take some amazing pictures of this all black outfit, a stunning pair of shades, and a statement purse that was gifted to me by Express.


Do y'all remember when Beyoncé went to the museum and took those selfies with the artwork? She was my inspiration for this look because I loved how happy and how much fun she seemed to be having in each of those pictures, her outfit was also bomb. For my outfit I opted for a KREW graphic tee, my fabric stretchy black pants, and my wedges that everyone never believes are CROCS. The icing on the cake for this outfit happened to be the accessories: the reflective shades, and the heart shaped purse. I knew that it was past Valentine's day and that I would run the risk of people thinking Vday when they saw the purse but I loved the flirty element it brought to the outfit, which kept it from being so overwhelmingly edgy. The shades added a futuristic as well and I really love how well the pictures came out at my venue.

I love being comfortable no matter where I am at--birthday party, pageant, fashion show-- it is a major factor for me in all of my outfits and this look was great to move around and run in while I was at the museum. ALSO! I can not end the post with out pointing out my tiffany blue finger nail polish on my nails courtesy of Kendra Scott. A few weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to a local Kendra Scott event, announcing their new nail polish line. It is a gorgeous color and after my complimentary manicure I was gifted the rose gold nail polish which I will definitely be showing on the blog soon! I  plan on going back to the museum one day and hopefully I can get my selfie on with different paintings I find along the way!

Graphic Tee: KREW / Pants (similar):  JCP / Shoes (similar) : CROCS / Purse: Express
Nail Polish: Kendra Scott

What was your favorite look about this outfit?

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