Hiba Joehar started The Amrielle Assembly in July 2016. Her business idea came about when she was struggling to get her life in order. From not finding a job, to hardly being able to make ends meet and going through a break up, she felt like life was catching up to her at an early age. When she took a trip to clear her mind, she came across two necklaces that sparked the idea of The Amrielle Assembly. She ran with the idea, leading her to where she is today. The AA has sold over 2,000 necklaces and just launched a brand new bracelet collection in December. With more collections to come, AA is continuously growing and aims to make a difference in its customer’s everyday lives.

Where do you grab your inspiration from (bloggers, celebrities, social media)? 

I grab my inspirations from my friends really. We brainstorm and talk about ideas a lot, so that's where I usually go to when I need to spark some kind of idea, or hear other people’s opinions.

Are there any other jewelry lines that inspire you to continue to make great jewelry?

Honestly, I've never even been a jewelry fan or a girl that would accessorize much. I would wear the same necklace, rings, and earrings all the time--maybe have 3-4 in rotation-- very simple. I will say my grandmother's jewelry collection, that is all gold and made in Sudan, inspires me. I PLAY in her gold and she always comes back from Sudan with something to give me. They're always so simple, elegant and subtle and that’s what I love.
What does Amrielle Assembly mean to you and how do you want it to be perceived by your customers?

The Amrielle Assembly means strong faith and positive vibes. It's here to create that by daily reminders that anything you put your mind to is achievable. I want my customers to look at their pieces every day and believe in what they're wearing. That if they get a strength necklace, it reminds them to stay strong, if they get a something new necklace to remind them magic is coming their way. Whatever it is that you think, and put into the universe, you WILL attract. That is what I want AA to accomplish and that is how I want my customers to see the brand.

Where do you see Amrielle Assembly in the next few years?

I'm expanding to more than just jewelry within this year. So within the next few years, I hope to be able to open my own store, have hundreds of thousands people hip to my brand, and have the AA established as a well-known brand.

What is the hardest thing about owning your own company? The easiest?

The hardest thing about owning your own company to me (especially once you've started) is that everything is literally on you. From the creative side, to the finance, to the inventory and shipping out orders, it's all on you. Until you start expanding and build a team of course, I would say that is the most challenging part. The easiest part is that everything I do I enjoy it. So even though it is challenging and some days I feel overwhelmed, I enjoy the job. I love this. I love what I do, so it doesn't even feel like a burden or stress. Even when I hit bumps in the road, I'm sooo much more excited to find another direction or start over because I know this is all for me.
What would you say to any young entrepreneur who wishes to own their own company, or create a product?

DO IT. The hardest part is ACTUALLY getting started but after you get it started everything flows. Of course you'll have your obstacles, but it's all a learning process. It such a rewarding feeling to see what you envision and dream about come to life. I would definitely say that the Amrielle Assembly launch party was the happiest day of my life so far. To see what I've been planning and talking about for months and months happening is very empowering. Write your ideas down, get organized, save money, FOCUS, and execute. Most importantly, DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF. Doubt is the quickest way to kill your dreams. 

I follow you on Instagram, and I noticed that you participate in entrepreneurship panels. What does it mean to you to be able to share your story with others?

It's really one of the best feelings. The responses I receive from participating, and to open a door where someone else feels comfortable to share their story with me, makes it all worth it. That was my biggest challenge at first. I did not want people to know my struggles and what I was going through, but struggle is what made The Amrielle Assembly and I chose to embrace that. I love the amount of people I have touched. I love being recognized as the "girl with the jewelry line" or the "Amrielle girl." YES! THAT'S ME. People have brought me to tears telling me that I've changed and saved their lives. I love the emails, the social media posts, the texts, and the phone calls. It's such a rewarding feeling and it means so much more to me than the money. This is what makes me feel like AA is successful. This is what makes me feel proud of myself. 

           You guys know how much I love jewelry, especially the pieces that provide a specific meaning. Make sure you show Hiba and Amirelle Assembly love by following them on Instagram and visiting their website! Let me know which products are your favorite and how would you style them?

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