If you know me by now then you will know I practically live out of leggings because athleisure is my favorite trend. I don't know how well that comes across with the outfits that get published on the blog--I try to be versatile--but I promised myself I would share more of my true fashion sense. A few weekends ago I was able to enjoy 50% off sale where I had a mini activewear haul! I focused on Puma products simply because I bought my Fenty creepers ages ago and felt like I could never find anything to wear with them. I purchased two puma tank tops (one pink and one black), a pair of puma leggings, and a sports bra.

          I wanted to do a luxurious athleisure look composed of my amazing new items, that could also double as a cute outfit for girls night out or maybe even a quick lunch. This outfit could be worn before your trip to the gym and with a simple switch from a blazer to a jacket and your favorite running shoes, you are ready for your 2:00 Barre class. I am all for things on-the-go because I am one of the busiest people I know. The least amount of things I have to carry in order to get the most done  is always the best plan. 

          So let's talk about my Pumas. I literally have not owned any Puma shoes since high school and they were my track shoes that I swore were going to make me faster. As soon as I found out my store was going to release the Fenty velvet creepers (December 8th) I immediately told bae these were the shoes I wanted for Christmas. I had to promise that I would not wear them until the 25th, and I stuck to my promise, which gave me plenty of time to find out what I could style them with.

          These shoes are surprisingly comfortable and give me that extra inch without the struggle I normally experience with heels. I loved the burgundy velvet pair compared to the black and grey ones, even though I could have worn those with more items in my closet. They provide the perfect pop to any outfit and match perfectly with my Ellarie Colourpop cosmetics lipsticks which is a huge plus! I plan on doing a Youtube video to show several outfits styling these shoes because I have had so many customers ask me how I style my own. So make sure you are subscribed to the channel so you can be in the know when the video drops! 

         Before I wrap up, hopefully you noticed my cute nails, and if you did girl let me tell you! They are press-ons! Can you believe it? One of my friends in my class mentioned how she buys press-on nails often and she can usually get them to last 1-2 weeks. I was shocked because as a blogger and sewer, my nail styles never last no matter what I seem to do. The brand is call Impress, which is very fitting since every person I have come across has literally be in love with my nails, and refuse to believe I did not get them professionally done. The whole pack can be purchased at Target or your local beauty store for $6.99-$8.99 and there are so many different patterns. It did not take long to apply at all and they last for about a week and a half. They are perfect for formal events or moments when you want to switch it up a little. Try them and let me know what you think! I am about to become the Queen of press-ons. #waitonit

Puma Elevated Tank: Lady Foot Locker / Puma Swan Leggings: Lady Foot Locker /  Fenty Creepers (Gray): Six02 /  Nails: Impress Manicure / Sunglasses: Express

How do you style your creepers? 

Fenty Creepers

Puma Tank Tops