Hello Strong Suiters!  I know I don't always do beauty posts, but this past month I tried three new beauty products that took my by complete surprise and I just had to share them with you all. The first two are skincare products from Caudalie's Vinosource collection. I received the Moisturizing Sorbet Cream and the Radiance Serum as a birthday gift from Ulta Beauty. I love test samples and somehow they seem to last longer than my full-sized items at times, so I was excited to see how my skin would react. For someone who has struggled with their skin for many years--acne, oil, and dry patches--I am always skeptical and suspect that any new
thing I try on my skin will more than likely break me out.

I have to give a little background on my current skin regiment. I use benzoyl peroxide cream from Mary Kay with a 5% concentration to combat my acne at night, but I also use a Clean and Clear moisturizer  that contains salicylic acid. Now most people would gasp at the combination of those two ingredients being used together, but it actually works for me. The benzoyl peroxide fights against bacteria that would cause acne and the salicylic acid helps with cell turn over and exfoliation without me actually having to scrub at my skin.

Seeing as I am already riding the fence with a medicated face regimen, I decided to take things one day at a time a change out one item as I went along. For example, the first night I switch to the Vinosource moisturizer, and it made my skin feel amazing. The next night I used the moisturizer and the serum. These two products have dramatically changed my skin and helped me realize how vital a serum is in a skin regimen even if you are still young. It gives my skin a chance to recharge and heal  as I rest. If you have not tried these products then you definitely should.

The third item was actually gifted to me from a fellow #girlboss, and that was my Rooted Woman fingernail polish in Favored. I love Rooted Woman, not only because it is a faith based company but because the thought and purpose behind every aspect of the company ties into common goals: to encourage and uplift. This thought is shown through the color names of the polishes. Mine happened to be name Favored--which I need all of the Big Guy's favor as I am applying to various jobs in my industry--but there are also colors named Blessed, Renewed, Joyful, Healed, etc. It is just nice to look down at my nails and know that I am favored, or blessings will be coming my way and it serves as a constant reminder to stay positive despite the current circumstances.

I usually only paint my nails with gel polish so I was a little skeptical to go back to traditional polish, but the color was too pretty to turn down. To get the longest wear out of my Rooted Woman polish I invested in a base coat and top coat by Sally Hansen. This was to insure that the polish would bond correctly and would prevent chipping at all costs. I would say it worked pretty well, it was amusing to get used to the consistency of traditional polish again but I got so many compliments on the color and I could not wait to gush about the brand to anyone who asked.

Each bottle comes with Col 2:6-7 written on the bottle which states, "So then just as you received Jesus Christ, continue to live your lives rooted and built up in him strengthened in the faith you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness." Which is the origination of the Rooted Woman, who is strengthened in faith and overflowing with thankfulness. Even if you are not religious, this is an amazing brand that definitely goes the distance when it comes to encouraging women! I am so happy they felt fit to collaborate with me.

Let me know what your favorite color from the Faith Collection is! 

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