It has been a whole week since our nation's birthday and I wanted to make sure that I did a recap of what I did for the fourth of July and what I decided to wear. Too often during the summer, picking out outfits for specific events--like cookouts, street festivals, etc.--can seem like a daunting task when considering the aspect of heat. I know most of my readers are from all over but I am definitely a Girl Raised in The South and this southern heat is no joke.

For the past three years I have been helping my boyfriend sell items from his clothing line called GUDS, which stands for Get Up and Do Something. He tie-dyes t shirts, socks, and makes his own bucket hats (which is actually how we met) but that is a different story for a different day! Anywho, every year we go to downtown Raleigh's The 'Works street festival and sell products alongside other vendors. It is always a great time to meet different people and talk about different crafts while enjoying good food and a little bit of shopping!

          I knew I was going to be outside for the majority of the day and I wanted to make sure I was cute and comfortable. I recently have been on a TEVA kick (I have purchased 3 in the past month or so) and I knew my sandals would be a lifesaver for all the walking and standing I would have to do, while staying cool. TEVA was founded in 1984 when a river guide rigged together a sandal from velcro pieces that would not float away. Decades later they are now known for their comfortable sandals that function for almost any outdoor activity. I am on the hunt for a pink pair to add to my collection and I think then I will take a little break from my purchasing streak; but another reason why I love my TEVA's is because they provide me with arch support (I am flat-footed as ever) without me having to wear sneakers. So choosing my shoes for the day was the easiest part to say the least.


What is the fourth of July without a shirt from Old Navy? I know you guys have seen those memes where its like "If your mom didn't force you to wear an Old Navy T- Shirt on the fourth of July are you really American?"Well this year I voluntarily decided to take a quick visit to Old Navy to see what amazing deals I can find. By time I reached the store all of their festive shirts were under $10! I got this cute firework tank top for $8! All I needed was a cute neck handkerchief to tie it all together!

If you love these pieces then I have tagged some below for you to check out and possibly purchase! I hope you had a wonderful fourth of July and fourth of July weekend!

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