You all know that I love to feature and talk abut upcoming brands in the industry! I have not done a feature in a while, but I was lucky enough to chit chat to Lowell and Travis about their brand Collect Worldwide! 

Their Inspiration:

We are inspired by ourselves as well as each other. The idea of understanding ourselves and pushing that idea as far we can to surpass our limits, setting new ones. Knowing that we are in a position to get to where we want, no matter what.

Their Vision: 
To be an entity that inspires the drive to succeed. Become an influencer to highlight the process, the progress and success.

We all come from somewhere and have somewhere we want to go.

Everyone has some type of interest and in pursuit of those interests it eventually becomes an obsession to obtain more, whether tangible or intangible.

And we won't rest until we reach our goals, dreams, and visions.

We all have a product to sell, and that’s ourselves, Yourself.

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Creatively, Tirelessly.

Be you. Be comfortable. In your own skin.

Doesn't matter what your grind is, grind is universal




 Make sure you all follow Collect Worldwide and check out their products (their dad hats are my favorite)! Now lets talk fashion.

 Who makes up the Collect Worldwide team and how do you guys work together to insure that the brand becomes a success?



As well as those that help bring it into existence.

We communicate as best as we can, still working on it, its far from perfect but we're getting there. We also have the relationship where we can freely say whats on our mind and that helps a lot.
 What has been the biggest obstacle in launching a new brand?

L: For myself (@LoweMaceo) communicating, I come from an upbringing of letting what you do speak for yourself. Everybody doesn't need to know everything. 
What advice would you give to others who aspire to follow in your foot steps?

L: Believe in yourself, believe in the process, sit down and dedicate time to whatever you want to accomplish, network, follow through and have patience.

Where do you see Collect Worldwide in a few years?

L: To be undeniable. Brick and Mortar stores in select locations, creatively collaborating with persons from all walks of life, thus thinking outside the box to achieve whatever needs to be done at that time and for the future. To have such a strong name recognition so that even when you hear the word collect, with no time hesitation you think "Collect Worldwide."

 What are the aspirations of the brand and how would you like it to be perceived by your customers?
L: To be an entity that inspires the drive to succeed. Become an influencer that highlights the process, the progress and success as well as in the realm of fashion, creative thinking, and production just to name a few. When you see Collect Worldwide you should see passion, confidence, self awareness, contagious feeling of wanting to push to new limits.

 Are there any different products CW hopes to produce in the future?
L: We have planned to release products that can be used and functional in a various aspects of day to day life, in multiple facets. We definitely want to expand beyond the realm of clothing. Currently we are putting together our first fall release that we're excited about.

om Travis:
 Who makes up the Collect Worldwide team and how do you guys work together to insure that the brand becomes a success?

T: Collect Worldwide was originally founded by yours truly, Travis Payne and my right hand, main man 100Grand, my guy Lowe Maceo. We’re something like the modern day Ben and Bobby of “The Hundreds”, but with our own urban twist. Outside of us two we have a good number of friends who help out with the brand in any way they can. The amount of love they show is unbelievable sometimes, so a big s/o to them, salute. When it comes to managing a high level of success for our brand, the number 1 key is making sure there are no loose ends in our communication. Letting each other know our individual thought processes is detrimental to reaching the full potential of our success. There are a lot of instances when we are eye to eye with what may need to be done next or we’re really vibing during a concept session for a new project, especially with me and Lowe; a lot of credit goes to the fact that we’ve been rocking with each other since ‘05. But even if our individual opinions and ways of thinking are combative, it’s important that we talk it through until we’re on the same page. To us combative thinking is great for clearing the air and expanding on new and innovative ideas. We’d be shooting ourselves in the foot if neither one of us have a clear understanding of what the other was doing/thinking and the reasoning behind that decision making. Best part of our business relationship is that we’ve got that brotherly bond.

What has been the biggest obstacle in launching a new brand?

T: Lowe asked me the other day “If I could form a habit out of anything, what would it be?” I didn’t have an answer for him at the time and it wasn’t until now that I have a response for his question. The biggest obstacle for me would definitely have to be time management and staying organized, so that’s something I’d like to form a habit out of. I work a full-time job Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM, part-time at Footlocker slanging sneakers, on top of co-managing a dope brand. I mean there aren't but so many hours in a day, so I have to make time management and organization a priority in order to stay on top of things and keep mashing on the gas so that the wheels of Collect never stop turning. I'm actually responding to these questions on my lunch break, so I think I'm taking the right steps towards managing my time appropriately. Every second is valuable, and that's in life in general. The clock is always ticking.

 What advice would you give to others who aspire to follow in your footsteps? 

T: Best advice I can give is not to follow in my footsteps but instead create your own. It's become a pretty cliché statement now but just stay true and follow your heart. Nothing fake or forced lasts, so know where you stand and stand strong for it. Real eyes realize, and it doesn’t take long for a real one to spot out when something is fraudulent. Once that "fakeness" gets exposed it gets rejected, especially in our culture. It’s like sporting a fake pair of kicks, there’s just no respecting that. Our time on this earth is limited, so don't waste it trying to follow behind someone else’s footsteps. Create your own path instead. Authenticity is key in whatever it is you choose to pursue, so as long as you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition it’ll correlate in your craft.

 Where do you see Collect Worldwide in a few years?

T: As long as we stay driven and motivated(which we will) I see Collect Worldwide emerging as a major brand. We just have to be blind to our fears and continue to test the limits. Can’t put ourselves in a box and be afraid to make decisions that most may be reluctant to make. Mistakes are a part of the business. Success has never been achieved without risk, and the greater the risk the greater the reward. The plan is to put emphasis on “Worldwide” and expand ourselves outside of the states into other countries. So in a few years we plan to collect a plethora of stamps on our Collect Worldwide passports. 

 What are the aspirations of the brand and how would you like it to be perceived by your customers?

T: Collect Worldwide aspires to be limitless. We want to keep climbing, so once a goal has been met we’ll just set the bar for ourselves even higher. We want our customers to recognize the grind. As we continue to put out new apparel I want our following to acknowledge the growth. Each season set should be better than the last. When it comes to customer perception I want them to get an understanding of our lifestyle and what it is we’re into. The brand is a representation of who we are. Some of the clothing that we put out may be themed towards what draws our interest and cultivates ourselves. Whether it’s the music we listen to, movies and TV shows we watch, or the slang that we speak with. For example, the first item we ever put out under the brand were the “Henny Me” visors for the summer, so obviously this tells you that we like Hennessy. So when the consumer purchases a piece of our collection they're collecting a piece of our lifestyle. 

Who is Collect Worldwide's ideal customer?

T: Our ideal customer would be the millennial generation. But to take the cap off of a specific age range, we’re looking to draw in anyone who has a respect for fashion or inspired by the hustle to chase after your goals in life, whether it’s your hypebeast teenage brother or your grandma who swears she’s still got it. We’re not here to discriminate, we’re here to motivate and create dope s%*# in the process!

 Are there any different products CW hopes to produce in the future? 

T: Right now we are mainly focused on the clothes, but you know the sky is the limit. We don’t want to limit ourselves to one endeavor. We’re some talented and ambitious individuals, so who knows what we might be up to next. You'll just have to stay tuned to see what else we're dabbling in.