With NYFW concluded I had to make sure that I shared my look number three with you all which happens to be my favorite! I made a promise to myself this summer that I would get my graphic tee game up and really implement my laid back style more into my wardrobe and outfit posts on the blog. I spent weeks getting my wardrobe together for NYFW and searching for the best graphic tee for this look was the biggest task!

          I had an image in my mind about a Power Ranger shirt I saw online and somehow could never find it in stores. Lo and behold, good ole Walmart had exactly what I needed (I don't know why I did not check there first) and I was able to purchase my shirt for $7! I was gifted my red striped skirt from Zaful and have waited all summer to style it. The skirt alone is such a statement piece that I wanted to make sure I chose the perfect occasion to finally show it off.

          By the end of my trip I was completely over heels, my feet had swollen twice their size (the things bloggers don't tell you about NYFW) and sneakers were the only option. Luckily, I brought my Stan Smiths just in case and they ended up putting the "street" into this street style. I purchased my Stan Smiths from an Adidas tent sale back in June for only $20!! I love Adidas tent sales, they always have amazing products and great deals that I can never resist. Since they are my only pair of leather shoes, I try not to wear them often to ensure I can keep them in prime condition.

All together I think this look went over very well. After seeing pictures and different stylings a lot of my friends are happy that I found the best shirt for this skirt and was able to pull off such a risky statement piece. If I have any fashion advice for you all today it would be to take chances and try different pieces! Be ambitious! You never know what you might end up liking, or what truly looks good on you unless you try.

What is a risky outfit you guys have tried recently? How well did it work out?

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