As a natural girl, I am bound to have an immense amount of hair care products, it just comes with the territory (haha)! In this video I will show you how I achieve my perfect twist-in-curl using FORM hair products! FORM beauty strives to find the perfect solution for your coils, kinks, twists, and tresses. They have eliminated an immense amount of suspect ingredients from their products--like parabens and sulfates--to ensure top product performance with no compromise. The thing I love the most about FORM is that you can take somewhat of a hair personality quiz, where they ask you questions pertinent to hair care in order to suggest the best products for your hair type. All the details are in the video but I am happy to announce I was fortunate enough to become a FORM brand ambassador, and I am super excited to share this brand with you all! Make sure you check out the video and let me know what you think!

What products are your staples for your go-to style?
                 For those of you who have been reading and following The Strong Suit for a while, you know that I was a collegiate bra...