We’ve been through it in 2016, 2015, and for sure in 2014, but this blizzard seems a little bit different. For starters, even the south is getting hit with snowfall. For the past week, my area in NC hasn’t seen temperatures above 35 degrees which in apparently a record! One hundred and fifty hours is the longest time we have been below freezing temperatures, and we are currently at hour 127. When it gets this cold I often get discouraged when it comes to getting dressed. Like, if I’m just going to be wearing this huge coat and scarf no one cares if I look cute or if I look like an abdominal snowman. If you’re thinking similarly then that’s where you’re wrong my friend. If no one else notices or feels a difference you will which is why you can stay glam in this cold weather with a few encouraging tips!

1. Layer short to long. Which means wear your fur vest closest to your body and all other long layers after. I know it seems like common sense, but hey!

2. Add something fuzzy for flair (and warmth)! Fur vests and coats are all the rage this season, which they have reasons to be. They are the warmest and most stylish things you can wear when it’s freezing. For my vegans and environmentally conscious friends you can always go faux!

3. Don’t forget the gloves! I forgot and my fingers were freezing. Don’t be like me, be better.

          As for my life update I got a full time job in my college town! I am super excited about this new opportunity as it has taken me a few months to get settled. I am still working in the retail industry and holiday season was as busy as expected. Despite being on the job for a couple months I actually just got a promotion (lol)! So I will be a marketing assistant honing my photography, flat lay, and product knowledge skills. I am super excited for my new role as it is slightly outside of my comfort zone but completely within my capabilities. We know the greatest things tend to happen outside of your comfort zone, so I am extremely grateful and happy for this opportunity.

          You guys know I graduated about 8 months ago and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting into the groove of my own life. My next step is to start apartment hunting, but all within time. I thank you guys for supporting the blog and hanging with me during this transition we have so many things to look forward to this 2018! Happy new year! Stay warm out there!

                   Happy New Year! I hope you guys managed to stay warm while celebrating this year and enjoyed your New Years day! I...