Visiting Charleston Day 1: A Floral Skirt and Yellow House

          If you follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) then you’d know that I took a quick getaway to Charleston, SC a few weeks back! One of my best friends got married and I decided to make a mini vacation out of it. Even though I didn’t have a lot of time to sightsee and eat (sadly), I did get the opportunity to take some outfit pictures that will have you wishing for warmer weather.

The last time I’d been to Charleston was three years ago during my freshman year spring break! It was still pretty chilly then, and my friends and I packed into one car and drove around town looking at the sights. This time around I visited my favorite places in hopes to display as much charm from this city as I possibly could.

          I visited The Battery and walked around the neighborhood admiring all of the houses I came across. There’s something about southern styled homes that I just can’t get enough of, because who doesn't love a wrap around porch? This beautiful yellow house caught my eye while I was strolling which caught me by surprise. You know they say your taste buds change every 7 years, and I’m convinced that your fashion taste does as well. In recent years I couldn’t stand the color yellow or mock neck sweaters. Yet here I am taking pictures in front of a yellow house in a cream mock neck sweater, and it looks good.

I got my outfit from Madison Raleigh boutique located in Raleigh, NC! My shirt is still available on the website and in stores, however my skirt may be sold out seeing as it was on clearance. I’ve been looking for a lot of pieces to transition into spring. This skirt is the perfect piece to transition because the floral notes remind you of spring but the black keeps it relatable while we have this chilly weather.

          I’ve always had a knack for floral patterns and I loved how the colors of the flowers stood out on the black background. My sweater anchored the look, while my suede boots gave chic and sophisticated height. I got these boots for $45 from DSW, they are Sam Eldemans! I love them so much, even more now since they were originally $150!!

          You guys know I rarely travel without any goodies from Moon and Lola, and this time I was able to get my hands on pieces from their Parisian collection! I am currently wearing the Montaigne earrings in azule, with the Bercy choker! The blue in the Montaigne earrings really made the colors in my skirt pop which I loved! Make sure you checkout these pieces on Moon and Lola's website!

          This past fall season I came up with a personal color palette for the season. This not only helped me choose outfits, but also assisted me with sticking to my shopping budget. If it was not in the palette it did not make the cut. I have yet to pick a color palette for Spring 2018 (I am letting it come together organically) but I do plan on recording a Spring Haul video and pinpointing the colors that I seem drawn to! So stay tuned!

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