How Do You Style Your Stripes? Styled By Stitt Feature

          Hey you guys! I am so happy to announce that I will be featured on one of my good friends blog discussing my love for fashion, the origin of the blog, and my future plans as a blogger. Megan runs a fashion and lifestyle blog and I am so happy she reached out to me to collaborate with her on styling stripes. If you know anything about Megan you will know that stripes are her go-to pattern.I am totally not used to being on the other side of the interviewing table but I love how this collaboration turned out! Head to Styled by Stitt to see the whole interview, and check out how I styled my stripes!

"Angelica has been driven since we first went to class together in college. We didn’t talk then, but I remember her in class actively participating and speaking passionately about her blog. We became friends this fall after working together and I had a lovely time interviewing her at lucettegrace over her first macarons.

Angelica has been interested in fashion ever since she was little. She dressed herself, which she says was to her parents dismay, but they let her do it. She started blogging in 2015, after creating her blog and leaving it idle the year before. She started putting in work then, being more consistent in content in posting. She attributes this to her taking a semester off school; after having fashion focused classes every day, she missed having peers to catch up about the industry with. So she decided to keep up with the industry by herself!

As for why the blog is called The Strong Suit, it started as a men’s fashion blog (before expanding to women’s and personal style) and Angelica says, “Fashion is my strong suit.”

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