Visiting Charleston Day 2: Floral Embroidery Jacket and Rainbow Row


          When you visit Charleston there is one place you must go, and that is Rainbow Row (see what I did there)! So a couple of weeks ago one of my best friends from middle school got married in Charleston, South Carolina. I know you guys are probably thinking, “A couple of weeks ago? Uhm, Angelica you’re supposed to update us on your life events in a prompt 2-3 day manner.” Well guys I have been sick, adjusting to my new role at work and traveling, so unfortunately I have been feeling a little run down. On the bright side, I can now breathe out of both nostrils and make it past 8:30 without passing out!


          So yeah, my best friend from middle school got married in Charleston and it gave me a reason to make a mini-vacation out of my trip. I had been extremely busy and I honestly felt my two week cold coming on. I was hoping that a quick getaway would get me right back on track. I was kind of right.

The last time I had been to Charleston I did not take pictures of Rainbow row. It was later on in the day, and that was before the age of Snapchat, so I made it my mission to document it next time.

Did you know that whenever a historical house in Charleston has to be painted, it is mandatory that it is painted the same exact color? One of my friends I met up with told me that and I thought that was really awesome. The city goes above and beyond to keep these historical landmarks genuine.

          On this day I decided to go with a more laid back look with my new favorite pair of jeans and a gray tunic. I’ve only owned one pair of white jeans before and they were starchy and uncomfortable. These are the exact opposite. They are from the brand Just Black and have more of a jegging feel that I love!

My gray tunic is the perfect transition piece for this upcoming spring season as it is cozy and light weight enough to layer with other jackets and outerwear. Speaking of outerwear, I got this embroidered jacket for $19.99! I went into TJMaxx a few months ago looking for something cute to wear to the fair, and I stumbled across this jacket. My old leather jacket is (fake) and currently doing the peeling thing pleather does when it’s ran its course. Embroidery has been a huge thing and I was happy to participate in the trend with my one item, that happens to be black (haha)!

          For accessories, I stuck with my favorite brand, Moon and Lola and their Saint-Martin earrings. This set of earrings is also from the Parisian collection and make for the perfect statement piece. They are quite large and one might think they are heavy, but I actually could not feel them at all. I got so many compliments on them and they brought attention right where I wanted it: my face! I was also loving the monogrammed necklaces. The Dalton necklace is a Moon and Lola classic and the perfect gift for any occasion.

Charleston is a city full of history and beautiful architecture. Next time I go I will be staying longer than three days in hopes to show you guys more of this charming city!

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