DIY Mural Crawl: 7 Murals in NoDa That You Must See



501 Expert Tattoos Eagle Mural by Tom Michael

    I mentioned in my last style post that we saw a lot of street art and murals while traveling through Charlotte’s art hub, also known as NODA. As someone who loves art, it was important for me to make sure I gave credit to the creators! I was not able to find (or remember) all the artists and addresses for each piece, but make sure you check out the ones listed below!

The Neighborhood Theatre by William Puckett

        From someone who loves movies, I thought this theatre was unique and amazing! I love the vintage and old school vibes you get from this theatre's architecture. When you mix that with the modern mural above, you get a perfect clash from two different eras. Plus it only makes sense for a place that showcases art, to be a work of art itself, right?

Dumpster behind Pura Vida Art and Fu’s Tattoos

          Who knew trash could be so beautiful?

Solstice Tavern by  Nick Napoletano

          This happened to be one of my favorite murals we saw during the whole entire trip. I love the contrast of warm and cool colors, and simple how massive it is! The mural covers the entire building and the only way I was able to capture it all was from the opposite side of the street. It is a super dope piece, definitely an eye catcher.

Side of Solstice Tavern by Di Ragno

           Right around the corner, there's this amazing spiral mural that perfectly captures the essence of Spring! It is almost hypnotizing, and actually has hints of gold in it as well. I loved this piece because it reminded me of an marbled Easter egg, but like...cute (lol)!

Stella Artois Mural on 35th and Davidson by Oiris Rain and Nick Napletano

          This gorgeous and vibrant piece is easily another one of my favorites. Even though I am not a beer drinker, this mural serves a dual purpose: street art and ad. Apparently it was removed from its original location in Arizona because the community felt like it was more of an ad than art. Which I would agree with, only the artists took the worlds most renowned colors--red and yellow--and made them into their own. I did not think of McDonald's once, it is most definitely art.

The Dog Bar

          This was just simply cute because I love dogs and apparently NoDa has a bar where you can bring your pets. I am an impulsive petter so it kind of seems like a dream!

           NODA has so many more murals, restaurants, and shops than you can imagine. The next time we go I hope we have more time to see a little bit more than we did on this trip. Like I mentioned before, I love seeing street art and eating at local restaurants I can only try in that city or neighborhood. It kind of solidifies the experience for me. Major traveling tip: Always try to do an activity and eat a meal you can only get while you are on vacation!

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