Two Ways to Style a Camo Tee Shirt: Outfit One

To be honest I am not quite sure why I love camouflage or olive green so much. I grew up in a military town, and almost everyone I know who is from there avoids that pattern and color like the plague because they want to be known as civilians (lol). Somehow somewhere that skipped me and I can’t get enough. I am so happy that olive green is now being accepted year round so I don’t have to put my cargos away once the sun starts to shine a little bit more.

Good Energy recently came out with their camo tees, and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have one! I wear a lot of fashion neutrals a lot, specifically black, tan, gray, and white. As a result, pieces with a pattern like camouflage can go so far in my closet because it essentially matches everything.

For this mini blog series I wanted to give you guys two completely different style choices on how you could mix and match this graphic tee with items you already own. This first look is a little on the tomboyish side. I did tell you guys I would be opening up and showing more of my relaxed side and I feel like this look really did it.

I styled the graphic tee with my new favorite pair of cargos (from the little boys section in Target, but more on that later) and my FENTY creepers. If you recall my athleisure post from last year ___ you’ll see I wore the same shoes. I don’t know what it is about these shoes but they embody the perfect blend of masculine and feminine vibes and I love it. The structure is almost manly but then the color and velvet soften it up. I love wearing these out with a graphic tee and shorts. Chic tomboy should be a thing!

I kept this look pretty simple but adding sunglasses, or layered gold necklaces would have done the trick as well. I stuck to Statement earrings from my favorite accessories brand Moon and Lola. These are the ___earrings. Despite their size, they are extremely lightweight and I loved the feminine touch they brought to this look. You can shop them here!

Alright guys, this is what I look like when I run errands majority of the time (lol). I dress according to how I’m feeling that day, so it varies which is what I love about my personal style. What do you think about this look, and how would you style this tee?

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  1. Love shopping other sections besides the womens section! Those Fenty Creepers are bomb! Love the color and this entire look!