NYFW Day 2: Chloe Gosselin Shoe Presentation

          NYFW Day 2 was originally packed with shows and things to do and I was wondering when my cousin and I would have a chance to eat. That is, until we found out one of our presentations had been cancelled, and another one of the shows we thought we had full access too far through. Then there were only two shows, which allowed us to be able to have a sit-down lunch and actually take a nap which is pretty successful despite the disappointment. Things happen and change at NYFW all the time and I made up my mind not to let an inconvenience or disappointment ruin my time there. There are so many people who would love this opportunity and I am loving my dream.

          In the morning we went to the Chloe Gosselin presentation. Chloe is an amazing shoe designer (background). Her presentation was phenomenal. She had models wearing the shoes and models on a stage seated. The models on a stage had a curtain that covered everything but their feet and their silhouettes looked like they were having conversation and bonding. Her background music was a compilation of some of the best speeches written about equality for women and women empowerment. There were snippets from different activists. I loved that it was focused on women's rights, I left feeling empowered. The shoes of course were beautiful. I have developed a fascination for shoes lately and this presentation was definitely was the perfect fix.

We accidentally stumbled upon the OVO store, so of course I had to go in and see what it was like. Honestly I love the clean concept of the store it allows you to focus on the merchandise. There is everything from hats to lighters at this NYC location and the staff working was really cool. Apparently this location used to be a mini theatre of some sort. The whole store is a total athleisure mood. Loved it!

That night we went to a show at Pier 59 studios called Embrace India. I loved the culture that was represented and the colors that I saw in that show. There were a lot of different patterns and colors which is definitely something that I am trying to personally implement in my wardrobe. It was a nice experience and I felt proud for the young designers! I wore a dress I got for a steal from Zara ( and by steal I mean $10) and it fit the theme perfectly. The dress ended up fitting like a glove and I know I will be able to wear it for other special occasions like a holiday party, so you will probably be seeing this gem restyled soon! I loved my yellow mules I purchased from Target (also another bottom dollar steal, $6) and leopard print clutch from Moon and Lola.

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