I Tried Bartaco's Secret Menu and This is What Happened


          You guys know how much I love tacos, especially on Taco Tuesday, well any day really. I went back to Bartaco, to try out a taco on their secret menu called the Miso cod taco. If you’ve never been to Bartaco before this is how it works. You have a general menu for each check at your table and you can pretty much just check off the items you want to order. If you decide you’d like to take a venture on the wild side and order a taco off of their secret menu then just let your waiter know and they will handle everything for you.


          Along with the Miso cod taco I got my favorites: the glazed pork belly, and the Baja fish taco. My Miso cod taco stood out on my plate for sure due to its blue corn tortilla. The marinated cod was seared enough to give it almost a sushi like effect and the pickled cucumbers and shishitos topped it off nicely. I love sesame seeds like anyone else and they added a nice crunch to an already amazing taco.

            Like always the service at Bartaco was immaculate. I did collaborate with them to try this taco from their secret menu, but any other time I’ve eaten at their locations the service and care has always been the same. You guys know how much I love food and I plan on talking about it a lot more on the blog. Let me know what kind of food choices you like and what different dishes I should try. I feel like I eat out the most when I travel so I’ll definitely try to keep that in mind on my next trip. Speaking of eating while traveling, make sure you check out my last foodie post that covers all the yum yums I ate in Houston, Texas. Until next time!

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