It’s the New Years so you know everyone has their resolutions or things they plan to do in 2018 which is great! I’m not against New Years resolutions at all, which is EXACLTY what people say before they end up saying something that makes them sound like they are against New Years resolutions (lol). I just don’t necessarily make them anymore. I still plan for the new year and make goals but I don’t call them resolutions. I feel like if I don’t call them resolutions I’ll actually you them (reverse psychology).

          One goal I have dedicated myself to this year is reading more, another was saving money! For Christmas this year I got a few fashion books on the subjects of styling and closet curating. I recently created a capsule wardrobe for myself (coming soon) and I want to learn as much as I can about the subject. To help me keep track of my projects and spending goals, I got two little helpers from Michael's (the craft store). They have certain planners geared to different subjects: faith, budget, projects, food, etc. I picked up projects and budget. I wanted to have a physical copy of the collaborations and blog projects that I currently have going on. The budget one is extremely helpful because it has a spending tracker and budget tracker perfect for following all of your coins where ever they might end up! Journals and planners will help you keep track of anything you might want to accomplish this year, but we will get to that later.
 Regardless of the plans, resolutions, goals, or dedications you have for 2018, I have 5 ways you can make sure that you will accomplish them! 


Write Them Down

I’ve always heard the first step you should take to getting something done is writing it down. With technology always at our fingertips, we often forget we have the option of pen and paper. I’m a firm believer in once-it’s-in-my-planner-I’m-not-changing-it. Not only does writing down your goals and aspirations make them physically concrete but it gives you something to hold onto, well get into that later.


Set Specific and Realistic Goals

I use the term realistic loosely. Your dreams may be outside if someone else’s reality so don’t let that discourage you, but make sure anything you set out to do is specific. For example, my boyfriend stated that one of his goals in 2018 was to travel to 5 different states. Sounds good right? Everyone loves traveling! I then asked him what states he wanted to go to and what cities. He wasn’t sure. Which there’s nothing wrong with BUT you can only look forward to vagueness for so long, until you push it off until some other time. If you want to travel somewhere in 2018, be specific on The Who what when where why and write it down. Visualize yourself in that trip and you’ll strive to make it happen. 

Have an Accountability Partner

Whenever I want to make sure I do something, I tell someone what I plan to do. If you want to give up drinking, tell your closest friends and make sure they know you’re serious. When you’re not feeling motivated to carry on and start doubting yourself, your support system can remind you why you were so pumped to start this journey in the first place. 


Place Your Resolutions Where You Can See Them

Remember in step one when I said we’d get to your written down goals later? Here we are! So you’ve written your goals down with specificity, and alerted your closest family and friends. Now what? Carry your planner close or put that vision board for the year in a place you will see it every day. It will serves as a constant reminder of the person you’re trying to be in 2018, and the types of things that person is striving for. 

Believe in Yourself and Persevere

Faith without works is dead, but work without faith is well...just work. Nothing worth having comes easy. I probably could've said it in a more grammar friendly way, but you guys get it! After all, you made it through 2017, you got this, 2018 is YOUR year!