If you could guess what one of the most popular New Years Resolution is, what would you guess? If you mentioned anything about weight gain/loss you were correct! For me a fitness journey is more than gaining weight or reaching a particular milestone with my gym attendance. I want to be healthier overall, which means eating right, exercising regularly, and taking my vitamins; you know all that good stuff we were taught to do in elementary school.

           With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. I’ve always been pretty active. I played sports growing up and was a bit of a tomboy, until somewhere in high school, where I traded my sneakers and cleats in for dance shoes and sequins. Whether it was track or color guard I made sure to stay in shape. It was only when I came to college that started to neglect going to the gym or participating in a physical activity.

           I’ve been to the gym here and there inconsistently over the past couple of years but I decided to change that last fall. I was going to wait until the New Year and allow myself to get through the holidays, until my boyfriend’s brother got his physical trainers license. Not only did I have the income for a gym membership (enjoy the free membership college students while it lasts) but now I also have a way to get an actual plan to accomplish my fitness goals.


           I talked to Adrian at Rich N Fit about my needs and fitness goals and he created a personal plan to help me accomplish them. "Rich N' Fit, based out of Charlotte NC, is a personal training service catered to the needs of each and every individual client. Each client's goals are of the utmost importance and whatever measures will be taken to make sure those goals are reached."

My plan is complete with a plan overview and pictures to make sure I am completing each exercise correctly. I love that I can coordinate my fitness needs remotely, but for those of you located in Charlotte, NC you can enjoy the face-to-face experience. They say work outs are always better with a friend so make sure you head over to Rich N' Fit's website today! Don’t forget to grab a shirt and follow him on social media here: