I’ve never understood those people who have like twenty pair of shades. I always buy three pairs: one to keep in my car, one in my purse, one in my go-to jacket of the season. Despite my efforts, I always seem to lose them all. Warby Parker just released new pairs of shades, that I’d to keep up with forever and would love to have in each color.

   It’s finally starting to warm up, kind of, you know except for the occasional blizzards, so that means it’s time for you to get a nice pair of shades that don’t break the bank. Each pair of the Quintessential collection is only $95! "Quintessentials, can’t help but draw some interest. They are classic silhouettes with shapes that are destined to stick around.  They don’t embellish, they complement. Ageless shapes and constructions like these are comfortable in any crowd." The amount of quality and sophisticated design you receive with that price is unbeatable.

   So now you have an amazing pair of shades that you love, but how would you style them? My favorite look with shades is always something relaxed like a distressed tee, some mom jeans, and a cute shoe. You can toss on a jacket and some jewelry and you’re ready to go with little effort! Sunglasses are really the icing on the cake for any outfit, and should be taken seriously since they frame the face.

   If choosing a pattern or unique colored frame, try to keep your look simple minimizing jewelry and other accessories so your frames can truly pop and make a statement. Invest in quality frames! I know we love to grab our cheap ones from our favorite fast fashion stores, but quality really matters. Buy a pair of frames that will last you more than a season! Check out there rest of their sunglasses styles here! Let me know which frames were your favorite and how you would style them!