Everyone has that tee that they will wear at least two times a week during any given moment. I am personally a tee shirt hoarder. I have tee shirts from middle school in my drawer right now that I surprisingly can still fit. They are the most basic elements of a wardrobe but can be so versatile if styled correctly.

          If you saw my previous post then you will know that I am doing a series on how to style a camo tee (or your favorite tee) two different ways. My first post showcased my tomboyish side and I really love how the look came out. If you haven’t read it go right now and let me know what you think! This is part 2, so let’s get started!

For this look I decide to go my “usual” route of classy and chic. I mentioned in my last post that camouflage is a print that can pretty much go with anything. Since it’s starting to warm up, I bright out my white culottes I purchased from Boohoo last year for graduation. These white culottes were actually part of a set. White pants in general just scream that Spring is here and it really helped brighten up the look.

          I’m not a huge fan of mixing patterns, simply because I don’t think I’ve mastered it completely or do it well for that matter (just being honest), but camo and leopard print have always belonged together in my eyes. I guess because they both remind me of wildlife. I also knew that my white culottes would break up the patterned pieces with a block of color so my outfit wouldn’t look too congested. I got these lace up heels from Charlotte Russe for $15! The best time to shop at Charlotte for shoes is during the summer. It never fails I have always found a good pair of heels for under $20 there.

My 4 pocket denim jacket from Just Black Denim topped the look off completely. Now the infamous “blogger drape” of Anh jacket or blazer, I am slowly starting to master that!

 *Taking in all this Good Energy

I am super happy how both looks turned out as they are both stylistic “versions” of myself. Sometimes I want to wear heels and class it up a bit, but sometimes I just feel like throwing on cargos and a nice pair of sneakers. Always remember to be free in your style because no one can pull off a look like you can!

Which look was your favorite?