Ladies it’s wedding season, and even though all of the wedding bells are joyously ringing, so is your head because you have nothing to wear (or so you think)! For summer weddings during the day you can usually get away with a cute dress, heels, and a swipe of lipstick.

          Evening weddings however are a completely different story. It is the never ending battle between how casual or how formal. How formal is too formal? How casual is too unacceptable? I recently went to a birthday gala and shared these same sentiments. Although it was a different occasion, I realized this look would be amazing for an evening wedding. For some who has attended three weddings so far (one more on the way), knowing what I am going to wear has always been my biggest concern, with redemption food coming in a close second.

          I got my dress from boohoo for $16! They always have sales and are a perfect place to find a quick fix for any semi-formal needs. I dressed up my look with formal jewelry and my go-to clutch from ALDO. I tried to keep all of my accessories as simple as possible in order for my dress to remain the wow factor. I really wanted to go for a simple glam look. The best part about this dress is that it was so breathable and I was comfortable the whole night. Summer weddings in the south can be unforgiving, so if you are anywhere in the area definitely keep that in mind!

When choosing your occasion look what piece do you struggle with the most (dress, jewelry, or shoes)?