There is actually a story behind this look that I’ve been wanting to share since I took the dress off the hanger. For those of you who read my blog often, you know that I am a brand ambassador for Moon and Lola the jewelry company. I went in to pick out some jewelry for NYFW and I was just looking around their flagship store for any new arrivals I may have missed. I noticed this clothing rack in the corner that had some amazing pieces on it, pieces perfect for NYFW. I kept mulling over in my head if they would let me grab this piece for a blog post and if I could even pull a off a dress this intricate. Ruffles are intricate for me and so is color. Black is definitely my comfort zone and this dress had not only ruffles, but three colors, three! I walked around the store a few more times, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about that dress. So I asked my ladies at Moon and Lola if I could try it on. The way you know you look good in something is to gauge the initial reactions people have when they first see you wearing the piece. As soon as I walked out of the room both of the girls gasped and said how good it looked on me and I was sold. A girl who finds comfort in all black outfits with minimal structural details chose to make a multi-colored tea length dress with ruffles as her statement number.

This gorgeous building I am standing in front of is actually one of Drake's OvO stores in NYC! I did not notice until halfway through us taking pictures, but it certainly made a nice backdrop! I covered what the inside looked like in my NYFW Day 2 post!

I got so many compliments when I wore this to the Chloe Gosselin presentation, which made me feel so good about taking a fashion risk. Which goes to show that if something speaks to you, it will speak to someone else too. Don’t be afraid to wear or style something you think is “too different” or out of your league. With proper styling, there is not such thing. We are all capable of pulling off a few surprises every now and again. This dress is available to order through phone at Moon and Lola ((919) 367-6838).

                NYFW Day 2 was originally packed with shows and things to do and I was wondering when my cousin and I would have a chan...