Grilled Beef
Grilled Shrimp

I love Mexican food and I love Tacos. I had a few fellow bloggers tell me that Tex Mex was the real deal and I was definitely unprepared. I’m low key nervous that tacos back home won’t be as good, you can’t beat and authentic recipe. I got the grilled beef and grilled shrimp tacos and they were delicious (see menu here). I also got a side of refried beans and rice. I love that I chose to get the Dos Tacos Plate option because I was able to get two tacos and two sides which is plenty for me. A lot of taco places are a la carte versus serving meals and I liked having the option to do either.

Authentic Japanese Ramen

Mostly everyone I know has had Ramen before, but definitely not like this. There were so many different options on the menu but I decided to play it safe and get Classic chicken ramen. I went with my best friend and she suggested that we get a side of garlic, that ended up coming in handy. The broth was delicious and I learned how to eat ramen with chopsticks (it helps to use the little spoon). I also learned that it takes a long time to make authentic ramen from scratch. There is a lot of preparation that comes into play in order to make the broth properly. The staff and environment were amazing, I wish we had a Jinya at home!

French Toast Eggs and Bacon

So The Breakfast Klub is a black owned restaurant in Houston that had some of the best breakfast and brunch that I ahem tasted in a while. I got French toast, eggs, and bacon. I kept it simply classic and it was absolutely delicious. I loved that The Breakfast Klub felt like I was right at home in my Aunties kitchen. The ladies at the counter were super helpful and happened to love my purse, we chatted about shopping options in Houston as they took down my order and directed us to our table. Now when it comes to the food there’s nothing to complain about, except that I couldn’t finish it all. Finally, I loved that The Breakfast Klub featured art pieces from black artists that were available for sale.

Black Peach Tea
Snickerdoodle Macaroon *Panda

Honey Art Cafe is the perfect mix of a coffee shop, work room, and art gallery. There are pieces available for sale and cute snacks and tea for while you work. I’d love to go there to work on blog posts or homework (if I was still in school), the environment promotes creativity. I got black peach tea and a snickerdoodle macaroon. The macaroon was in the shape of a Panda (my favorite bear) and it was absolutely delicious. Some macaroons are too tough or too gooey, but this was the perfect consistency and matched up wonderfully with my tea. Artists they give out discounts if you bring a sketchbook with you! If you’re in Houston pay them a visit.