I told you guys in my Bartaco  (here) post that I’d be writing about food more often, especially food worth traveling for. In other words, I will travel for food. If you feel like I soon really hungry it’s because I am and writing this post as I recap my NC State fair experience is making me miss fair food even more!

Here is a little food tour I made while eating every carb or starch that caught my eye. I was only there for about two hours and my meals were as follows:

  1. Al’s French Fries (not pictures because I crushed them).
What it is: A french fry joint
How I Heard About It: My coworkers and I were talking about the food we looked forward to eating and this ended up being their favorite place. They were appalled I’d never had It before so I made sure it made my list of must tries. Apparently it’s the #2 place to eat at the NC State fair.
Ad Ons: They had a special seasoning and spray vinegar. A little sprinkle and a little spray spray was all I needed.

       2. Chick- N -Que
What it is:
How I Heard About It: My boyfriend happens to know the family that owns this amazing company and we stumbled upon them last year and made it a tradition this year!
What I Got: Chicken and Waffle Kabobs
Ad Ons: Honey Siracha Maple Syrup ( a little spicy with a little sweet) try it you won’t regret it!

       3. Tater Hut
What it is: A hut with all things potatoes in all the ways!
How I heard About It: I am currently going though this obsession with tater tots. I used to eat them a lot in elementary school and then fries were all the rave. I recently went to a burger joint and decided on tater tots as my side and fell in love all over again. I stumbled upon this tater hut but loaded tots were definitely on my list of must haves this stare fair trip.
What I Got: Loaded Tots
Ad Ons: Sour Cream, Cheese, Bacon

It may not sound like that much but my little tummy was full! I do however regret not getting two things during my state fair trip and that was sweet corn on the cob and lemonade! I’m not sure why I was trying to be so modest because I already ate everything I thought about eating, but never again. Next time I will be putting that at the top of my list of must eats because it’s been two days and I’m still thinking about what could have been (lol). What was your favorite item on my list? What are your must eats when you go to the fair? Let me know what you guys think about my food posts!