Good afternoon and happy holiday shopping to ya! Just as l promised in my Holiday Gift Guide for Her post, here is the post that will help inspire you to purchase a gift for the hardest person on your list: HIM. I don’t care what anyone says, men are hard to shop for. Especially the men close to me, because they can purchase anything they want themselves, so essentially I have to go the sentimental route in order to impress them with my gift. Which means I have to think long and hard about what they like or need and may not have purchased yet: a mission. I did an Instagram poll on my personal page (@genuinely_aa) to see who you guys struggled to shop for so I knew this was one gift guide I had to do regardless. So let’s get started!

1. Shoe Trees

Now this gift is good for your guy who loves sneakers or shoes of really kind honestly. Take it from someone who used to work in the sneaker industry, shoe trees are amazing for your shoes and really help extend the life of your sneaker or dress shoe by maintaining it’s
Shape and structural integrity. Plus, shoes just look better with shoe trees in them. The pair I have pictured in the collage actually came from Ikea for a steal!

2. Clarisonic for Him

I talked up the Clarisonic MIA prima for HER in my last post and I am doing the same for HIM. I really love Clarisonic so much I have a personal review here where I talk about my Clarisonic experience and how it has changed my skincare journey. Maybe your guy doesn’t suffer from breakouts (they usually seem to have an abnormal amount of clear skin even though the have the jankiest skincare routine) but he has a beard or other facial hair. Clarisonics are safe to use and can help keep that beard in optimal health. I’ve mentioned this several times before but Clarisonics also clean 6x more than your hands, and any complexion could use that help!

3. Watch Box

I knew this was a good gift option when I mentioned it to the men in my family who both happened to own one! If you guys likes watches or is interested in starting a collection, buy him a nice place to put them. My brother and dad both love their watch storage cases even though it gives them a reason to fill it up, they always know where their watches are and that they aren’t getting scratched or messed up.

4. Ember Mug

I also want one of these personally. I did not ask for it as a Christmas gift (why I do not know, and it’s never too late) but this is a great gift for your coffee or tea drinker. The Ember mug keeps your drink continuously warm without having to reheat your drink. For a tea lover like myself, this is the best thing since sliced bread, because I am notorious for warming up a cup multiple times before I actually finish it. Perfect for gents who love a nice warm cup and doubles as a tech gift!

5. Beanies

Beanies or socks are really the go-to stocking stuffers for men, but I went with beanies this year. Cold weather gear is always great during this time of year and it’s something that can be worn continuously. I would personally stick to neutral colors or patterns but you can never go wrong with a skully.

6. Wooden Beard Comb

I learned from my boyfriend that wooden combs actually absorb the oils, serums, or hair products that they brush in which helps with moisture. I got him a wooden beard comb a while ago and his is broken in now. If you guys has a beard or happens to be natural try this out for a stocking stuffer or gag gift!

7. Reversible Belt

I just almost majority of this gift guide is inspired from the men in my family and my boyfriend. I feel like they can never find their belts or keys (coming later) and I feel like these last two gifts really solve those issues. A reversible belt is a must have in any mans closet because it is easy. One side is black, one side is brown. You can wear it with either black or brown shoes and essentially any outfit. I suggest buying multiple and hiding one where only you can find it ladies so they will always have one! 

8. Work Shoes 

Every man I know could use an additional pair of work shoes! Even if your guy works from home or dresses casually on the job, events like weddings and holiday parties come up all the time. Make sure he's prepared for the next one with these stylish pairs I have linked below! 

9. Tile Key Finder 

Another amazing gift for the guy who can never find his keys. I’ve been saying for years I’m going to purchase one of these, not only for myself but for others around me because I look for someone else’s keys at least 3 times a week. Tile is a Bluetooth device that is paired to your phone through an app. You can set off an “alarm” that will cause it to sound and aide you in your search for your keys. This device cuts down on searching time and discussions on why you can’t seem to put your keys in the same place (lol)!

Alright ladies and gents! That concludes the gift guide for him! I hope I was able to stir up some gift ideas during these last few weeks of holiday shopping! Comment below which gift you think is the best and what gift are you excited to give this year?

It’s gift giving season and like many of you I usually procrastinate until the last minute. Even though I give amazing gifts, it’s alw...