The Shampoo and Conditioner Set You NEED for Your Hair Regimen in 2019

Formulate Haircare in the PR box custom shampoo and personalized haircare
          I would first like to start off this blog post by thanking formulate for being so generous and understanding about my family passing that occurred while completing this collaboration. Your kindness will not be forgotten. Now to the good stuff: Why you need a Formulate set in your life!

What is Formulate you might ask? Formulate is a company that focuses on creating a shampoo and conditioner that is engineered specifically for you. That dryness you can’t seem to combat, those tangles that are so hard to tame, Formulate can help with that! The geniuses at Formulate thought to bring chemists and engineers together to give their clients exactly what their hair is asking for, based on their specific needs.

Formulate Haircare in the PR box custom shampoo and personalized hair quiz

Here is how the process works:

  1. You take a quiz answering questions about your hair type, and what your hair needs. This covered everything from your hair color and thickness, to your hair density and scalp sensitivity.
  2. After you fill out the specific characteristics of your hair, you will be guided to choose your hair goals. We all have #hairgoals and with the new year in full swing Formulate can help you reach them!
  3. Formulate will send your shampoo and conditioner set in the mail and you will finally be able to get your hair to it’s healthiest state. 
curly hair products on bohemian rug background

natural selection hair care products that are all natural

          Any of you who follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) and YouTube see that I have curly kinky hair. I have type 4abcdefgz girls which pretty much means I need as much moisture as possible to maintain length and overall health of my hair. Since starting Formulate my twist outs have lasted longer, and I noticed that my curls retain more moisture. I know most of my naturalistas are probably freaking out at the thought of using shampoo but it has the consistency of conditioner and my hair never feels stripped or dry afterwards. I have used Formulate on my hair when my hair has been straight and when it has been curly and I feel like it’s helped lengthen my styles by leaps and bounds. Because I trust in Formulate and their process SO much I am collaborating with them to do a giveaway for one FREE set of shampoo and conditioner created and engineered just for YOU! 
PR box with natural haircare products inside

Here is how you can enter the giveaway:
1. Enter officially through this link here 
2. Follow me on instagram
For extra entries:
- Like the giveaway photo on Instagram
-Tag a friend in the comments!
Okay ladies (and gents), may the odds be in your favor! 


  1. I've been seeing this shampoo/conditioner more and more! I really need to try it, looks amazing!

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