Two MUST HAVE Trends of the Season


 If you pay attention to trends at all then you will know that the jacket of the season is the Teddy coat. There are teddy trench coats, teddy bomber jackets, mid-length teddy coats, shirt teddy coats, pink teddy coats, patterned teddy coats, ALL the teddy coats! I for one love the trend, my mom however thinks that I look like I’m walking around in dog fur. What ever your opinion is on the trend, it’s popular and it looks like the teddy fabrication is here to stay.

NC Style and Fashion blogger wearing camo teddy jacket with natural hair

           Before Christmas season I had been wanting a teddy coat so bad but I couldn’t decide on which style I’d like (hence the many options mentioned previously, so I left it up to my cousin to pick one out for me as a Christmas gift. She ended up purchasing a pink one from Ardene (coming to the blog soon) and I absolutely love it. Apparently having one teddy coat was not enough because I came across one that was so different from any other style I’ve seen on Rue21’s website. Now you guys know I’m a sucker for a deal. Affordable fashion is my forte, so of course when I saw this camo teddy jacket for $12 on the website, I had to have it! I’ve seen other teddy jackets in camo, but this was the first style I saw that had the striped detailing on the cuffs, and that’s what made all the difference. I love to find pieces that help me out a twist on current trends!

Detail shots of white turtleneck swear and camo tedy jacket

           So yes this jacket was $12 and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! I was a little worried about the quality since I’ve never really bought jackets from fast fashion stores, but this jacket is warm and comfortable. If you live on the east coast you know we’ve been going through it lately with blistering winds and freezing temperatures. This was my get-up-and-go coat for work and errands. The bomber silhouette gives it a retro vibe and the camo pattern allows it to be pretty versatile matching with pretty much everything. I’ve worn it so many times since I first picked it up from Rue21 and I’m sure I’ll wear it out before the temperature picks back up.

Detail shot of frayed hemmed jeans with fila sneakers dad sneakers on grass

bomber camo teddy jacket with white turtle neck sweater nc fashion and style blogger

           I styled my jacket with my favorite jeans from Just Black Denim and my Fila Disruptor II’s. Everyone talks about the Dad sneaker trend and I finally hopped on that as well. My boyfriend got my Filas for Christmas and they are honestly the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn in a while. The thing about dad sneakers is that they have so much cushion and support (I.e why dads wear them cause they’re always on the go) the purpose of them now is to be stylish AND comfortable. I have flat feet, which means my arch falls when I walk and stand, usually causing me pain towards the end of the day. I currently work retail and when I wear my Filas my feet don’t hurt at all. I did size up to an 8, since the 7.5 fit perfectly so if you’re thinking about purchasing them keep that in mind.

           Well that’s all folks! I love a good comfy and cute look that makes me look like I actually tried to get dressed today, haha! Let me know what you think about the teddy coat and dad sneaker trends! Also if you love my hair as much as I did during this shoot make sure you enter my giveaway in my last post here! Which styles do you prefer? What are some other dad sneaker styles you guys have fallen in love with?

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