3 Ways to Implement Freshness Into Your Wardrobe

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          With a new year comes new resolutions and new wardrobe needs. I usually use this time of the year to think about what I want my wardrobe to say about my personality. I can honestly say I’m pretty happy with my wardrobe right now aside from the fact I need to seriously declutter and realize what items I’m wearing the most. In a world where Marie Kondo exists, you might be agreeing with me or simply wanting to change your look up and bit and try new pieces. Wherever you are in your sartorial journey I have a few gems for you to get started with your new look.

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  1. Declutter

I feel like this should be the first step because most of us have SO many clothes and pieces we have probably forgotten about. I currently work retail and I always tease my coworkers when they complain of having “nothing to wear.” We all have that one outfit we always grab when it’s time to go out and the pair of shoes we probably need two pairs of. So before you do any shopping and experimenting declutter and reorganize your closet. Marie Kondo says you should keep the items that spark joy in your heart. If it doesn’t, toss it or donate it to someone. If you haven’t worn it in years and it doesn’t have sentimental value, get rid of it. If it was a one and done outfit, maybe one of your friends could use it for an event they are going to. Regardless of the occasion or reason purge purge purge to make room for the new items. As a result of this wardrobe purge you will have a “capsule wardrobe” of items you wear the most and can see the bones that you are working with.

2. Reorganize

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the items you don’t really wear as much, you can see the items you gravitate to the most. This will give you an idea on what pieces you might reach for in the future! I recommend that you organize your new wardrobe based on occasion like leisure, work, and formal. I know personally that I do not have a lot of formal clothes or dresses to wear to church. I can wear pretty much what ever I’d like to work, which includes a lot of athleisure wear like joggers and sweatshirts. Keeping this is mind will help you make wise decisions (to being fiscally responsible all 2019) while picking out new items, instead of buying more of what you already have. 

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3. Experiment with New Colors & Patterns

This is my favorite part: going shopping! Now I suggest you look at your new wardrobe and see what pieces you need. Maybe it’s a specific set of pants or a certain color top. What ever it is, make a list and stick to it. I utilize Pinterest heavy when ever I am about to buy something new. I do research and see if I have any pieces that I didn’t think of that could create a full look. Pinterest is also useful to see how other bloggers or style icons style said item. So make sure you are taking notes.

Now that you have a list started, look at that list again and add two trends you would like to try (a color and or pattern) that takes you out of your style comfort zone. They say growth lies outside of your comfort zone, and if you want to truly find out your personal style you’re going to have to experiment with some different elements you may not be used to. For example, this beautiful pink sweater I’m wearing in all of these photos, out of my comfort zone. Number one, I don’t wear a lot of pink. This year I decided to change that after I received a pink teddy coat for Christmas. “I should try to wear more pink,” I thought to myself. It isn’t that I dislike the color or anything like that, but I worried it made me look too young, well younger than I already look. When I decided to collaborate with Prim and Prop boutique I decided to take the risk, embrace the color and it’s full sleeves, and I’ve received compliments every time I’ve worn it. It also helps that it’s amazingly lightweight, so I don’t get hot running around town, while still being super soft! It is still available online here, grab it while you can! It’s the perfect piece to wear for Valentine’s Day!

All in all, Some new pieces you will try will work out, others won’t. When you’re going shopping and looking for these pieces take a friend with you who’s sense of style you admire. Make sure they will also be honest with you. Getting confirmation on an outfit from someone else always seems to seal the deal. No reason I trying to do this all on your own!

I hope these quick tips will be a starting point for you to try something new with your wardrobe this year! If you’ve already have some items in mind, tell me what trends you’re looking forward to styling the most?

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