Stuart Weitzman: How to Style OTK Boots

           If you follow me on Instagram (@genuinely_aa) or are an avid reader of this blog then you know I can not resist a good deal! If you are not familiar with who I am and what we talk about here, then welcome! My name is Angelica, and I am the creator and editor of The Strong Suit, where we love to splurge every now and again, but a good deal with always win in the end. Now that introductions are out of the way, I am starting to consider myself a bargain blogger (let me know if that is too niche for you guys) because I always get excited over deals. I am the friend that’s screaming about how she got a Fossil watch for $6 (true story) just by chance. I live for a finding a good deal and sharing it with others! Which brings me to the item in discussion today: my over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots.

             For those of you who are not familiar with the designer boots, I am sure you are familiar with Ariana Grande and her 7 rings (cool song btw). I actually first heard about the brand after seeing picture after picture of Grande wearing these amazing OTK boots that fit her legs perfectly. She is petite and I am petite, so I figured great brand, let’s see how much they cost. The price averaged around $700. I kept the brand name and silhouette of the boots in my head and kept it moving. Well a few weeks ago I thought I had strep throat (yuck) and decided to head to a minute clinic to get checked out. There happened to be a DSW near by and I thought, why not stop by and see what they had. I was peeping around the clearance—which is obviously my favorite place to be in almost any store—and saw this purple box with silver gray OTK boots inside. I took down the box and tried the boots on, wondering if they were too much for my plain Jane wardrobe. The price wasn’t bad, they had been marked down to $39.99, and I always love a good statement shoe. I lifted up the box lid to inquire what brand these comfortable boots were from, and that’s when I saw it...the name Stuart Weitzman. I immediately put the lid down and thought there was no way I read that right. Lifted it up again, sure enough these were $700 boots on sale at DSW for $40, just in my size. So you know what I did, I bought them. I happened to have a $10 coupon so I ended up paying $32.16, or something like that, in total. That single purchase was the absolute best deal I have ever gotten on anything of monetary value.

          I posted pictures of this outfit in my “how to make your old habits work for you in 2019” post but I never got into the nitty gritty of my outfit. The distressed denim jacket is borrowed but you can find similar ones at ASOS and Forever21! A denim jacket to blogger throw over the shoulders will always be a comfortable go-to for me. It adds that extra dimension and pulls almost any look together. I wore my chenille gray sweater I bought from a local boutique last year that is also distressed towards the bottom. You can find chenille sweaters for a good deal ($10) at Walmart. Not to digress, but Walmart has amazing deals too, see my post here.

           Chenille fabric is my favorite during this time of year because it keeps me warm!
The east coast is currently dealing with extremely freezing temperatures, and ya girl does NOT like to be cold. Last but not least, my lovely Stuart Weitzman boots that I found for a steal. I’ve been wanting to style these boots on several occasions and I finally found a casual look that works! I really want to dress them up before it gets to warm and then I will feel sartorially complete.

A lot of my friends ask me how I find such amazing deals whenever I go shopping and the honest is truth is just that I am always looking. Even if I go to Target for batteries, I swing by the clearance section to see what they have going on. I guess everyone does that at Target, Target was not the best example since they have mastered the art of making us all impulse buy. If it helps, place your favorite store in place of Target, if I happen to be out and about I’ll swing by the clearance section. You never know what you are going to find. Try it next time! You might just find a $6 Fossil watch for bae that retails for $120 (true story).

What are you favorite places to find deals? What’s the best deal you have ever gotten on an item?

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