A Day in the Bahamas: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

I am so excited to finally be writing about my FIRST out of country experience! It’s been two weeks since I’ve gone to the Bahamas and I am so happy it is finally Spring so I can finally experience some of that 70 degree weather again (wishful thinking). I went to the Bahamas for my 25th birthday (whoop whoop) and I made it a girl’s trip with my cousin. If you are wondering what you should do when you go to the Bahamas, or are planning a tropical trip soon, keep reading.




I went on a cruise with Bahamas Paradise Cruiselines to Grand Bahama island and the city of Freeport. While on that cruise, we were able to sign up for different excursions and I had my heart set on doing an off-road Jeep tour. We had an amazing tour guide (Sammy) who covered everything from the founding days of Grand Bahama Island to city history, and a tour of millionaire row. I never knew—until now—why people drive their jeeps with their top down and windows out, because it was so relaxing.

During this tour we saw Ben’s cave at the Lucayan National Park. Ben’s Cave is a cavern system that runs for thousands of yards and rumored to be one of the longest surveyed cavern systems in the world. It’s also a combination of salt and freshwater which I thought was pretty cool. The clear upper portion that gives it that oh-my-gosh effect is freshwater. Ben’s Cave is truly a sight to see and amazingly gorgeous. I am a sucker for nature and I loved how you could just step down into this picturesque scene. I can only imagine what it would look like during a dive!



Just a hop, skip, and jump across the road was Gold Rock Beach. We walked for about ten minutes through a mangrove swamp with little information kiosks telling us about the animals that lived there along the way. I was so ready to get to the beach after riding around all morning and the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too cold and not too hot, but I was not prepared for what I would see once I stepped passed the tree line: Gold Rock Beach.

I’m from North Carolina and I honestly feel like everything from my state and above kind of has the weird green water. You know, the kind of water that struggles to be blue? However, this beach had the bluest water I had ever seen in my life. My cousin and I were honestly speechless. After the initial shock wore off we got ready to hit the water! The word Bahamas comes from the Spanish term “Baja Mar” which means “shallow seas.” We were actually able to wade way out and the water barely went over my belly button. The beach was honestly the best part of my trip and I wish I could have spent a whole day here. I was able to grab a coconut from a merchant on the shore (my first real one) and I can tell you it definitely tastes better than the box.


We had lunch in the Garden of Groves at the Garden and Cafe Bar. I was basic and got a cheeseburger with chips, but it was amazing after all the exploring and adventures from the day. The Garden of Groves is a botanical garden with the whole package. This was the first time in my life I had lunch by a cascading waterfall, and I honestly kept thinking about I wish I could eat lunch there every day. Talk about atmosphere, you won’t regret taking an exploration break here.

You will also be able to do some souvenir shopping here since they have local artisans and vendors here that sell handmade crafts, tee shirts, and regular travel gifts.

When I go back to the Bahamas I want to visit the city of Nassau, because I absolutely loved my experience in Grand Bahama Island. It was definitely and amazing experience; the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. I am so thankful for Bahamas Paradise Cruiselines and the opportunity to travel for my birthday.

What is your favorite thing to do when you travel?

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