Experience Sedona: Why you Should Do A Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona

Pink Jeep from the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona Arizona Things to Do in Arizona Things to do in Sedona

Experience Sedona: 

Why You Should Do A Pink Jeep Tour 

          Since my jeep tour experience in the Bahamas, jeep tours are kind of my new favorite thing to do while on vacation. It's an easy way to explore a city all at once and the photo ops are amazing! When I went to the Bahamas in March, we explored the city of Freeport, Gold Rock beach, and the Garden of the Groves. So you can imagine my excitement when my bestie suggested we do a tour with Pink Jeep. The bar was set and Pink Jeep Tours did not disappoint!

Canyon views during Pink Jeep Tour by Pink Jeep in Sedona Arizona Things to do in Arizona

Which Tour did we Choose?

          Pink Jeep now has several tour locations: Sedona, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Smoky Mountains. At the Sedona location, they have over 10 tours you can experience. We chose to do the Scenic Rim 2.0 tour. The website describes each tour in detail as well as the type of terrain you can expect to experience. Our tour included "an adventuresome ride with breathless views, sheer cliffs, bumpy trails, and twisted paths." The adventure and breathless views had me sold! It was $75 per person and lasted approximately two hours.

Hair Flip during Jeep Tour Marley Twists with Hiking Outfit from Nike

Sitting on the edge of the cliff with a scenic view of Sedona Arizona during a jeep tour

What I Wore

          Our adventure started at 10 am and the heat was picking up! I decided to go for an outfit that was heavy on the pink because, Pink Jeep Tours! I wore one of my favorite graphic crop tops from Lou & Grey and a pair of Nike Pro capris. I wanted to make sure I was cute, but comfortable because we would be doing a little bit of hiking. With that said, leave all your cutesy shoes at home! You will need a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots to give your feet support. Although we only walked around for a bit, I would not have made it in slides or sandals.

What I wore when hiking in Sedona Arizona during Pink Jeep Tour Nike Pro Capris

About our Tour

          Do you remember the part in the description that mentioned bumpy trails? Yeah, they weren't kidding about that! Of course, my bestie and I decided to sit in the bumpiest place in the jeep (the back). I thought I would be so sore the next day. Don't be afraid to roll with the bumps! What I love about tours, in general, are all the fun facts you get to learn. I am a huge history and nature freak so I love learning about the areas I visit from a local's point of view. Thanks to our amazing tour guide Phillip, I learned:

- The city of Sedona has been around since 1902, longer than the state of Arizona which didn't exist until 1912

-Carl Schnebly started the city and the city was originally known for its apples

- Iron oxide (due to water and erosion), gives the rocks their unique red coloring

-Arizona has five seasons: winter, spring, summer, monsoon, and fall. I happened to go during monsoon season. It's as terrifying as it sounds

- Everything in Arizona has a relationship with elevation. Elevation affects the weather (cooler temperatures in Sedona vs. Phoenix). It also affects the wildlife and types of mammals and snakes we were likely to see.

Traveling with your best friend in sedona arizona jeep tours

Posing in front of a pink jeep before the scenic rim tour

          My favorite part about the tour happened when we were able to get out of the jeep to take pictures of the scenic views. We were able to see the canyons and rock formations from a higher elevation! We also got to see a part of the old wagon trail that early settlers used to travel in the west. Phillip was great in helping me make sure that I got some memorable photos to share with y'all. That can be tough when you're trying to keep people safe and teach all the things. Thanks, Phillip you're amazing! A tour guide can make or break your tour and I am happy he made sure we had a good time.

If you have time to wander around, explore, and are down for an adventure, I encourage you to take a Pink Jeep Tour! You won't regret it!

What is the best tour you've experienced while on vacation? What is your go-to thing to do!

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