4 Ways to Make Your Friendsmas Successful

This post has been sponsored by Huhtamaki, Inc. makers of the Chinet® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

So many of us look forward to the holiday season! This is the time of year when we can enjoy good food, family, and friends while reflecting on the past year’s memories. However, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, as well as the demands to find the perfect gift, can cause a lot of stress. If we aren’t careful to manage the stress that comes during this time of year, we could end up doing major damage to our holiday plans and it can even affect our health.

One of my favorite ways to take the stress off and jump into the holiday season is by hosting a Friendsmas. Even if you have holiday plans with your family, a Friendsmas is an awesome way to get all of your close friends together in one place. Hosting events can usually end up causing more stress, right?! Wrong! With Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection you can host a memorable Friendsmas that will have your friends talking about it into the next decade. Here are a few tips to make your Friendsmas the best it can be:

Choose a Menu:

If you love to cook, whip up some dishes you think your guests will love. Don’t limit yourself to traditional holiday dishes; feel free to experiment with various flavors. On the other hand, if cooking is not your strong suit, make it a potluck. This will create a diverse menu your guests are sure to bond over!

Pro-Tip: Avoid the clutter that dishes bring by using Chinet’s Crystal Cut collection. Each piece is durable and sturdy, with a sophisticated look that will go with any party theme. They're the only disposable dishes and cutlery you will need!

Pick Out Decorations:

Decorations are the key to igniting the holiday spirit. Light up your Christmas tree and put out all of your holiday knick-knacks. Decorating is all in the details, and your guests will appreciate your personal holiday touch!

Pro-Tip: My friends and I use the fireplace on a streaming service to set the ambiance. Nothing says the holidays like a crackling fire! It’s the perfect cherry on top of all of your holiday decorations, and creates a cozy feel! This is a great trick if you’re hosting your Friendsmas at your apartment.

Plan Activities:

Hosting a Friendsmas is great because it allows you to gather all of your favorite people into one place. Boost the bonding factor by planning activities for your guests! Have a cookie decorating contest or have your friends help you decorate your Christmas tree.

Make Clean-Up Easy for Yourself:

For my Friendsmas, I decided to use Chinet as my go-to for all my tableware and cutlery needs. The Chinet Crystal Cut collection looks amazing and is host-ready for any occasion. Each piece provides easy cleanup with a classic look and ended up being the best disposable set of dishes I’ve ever used. Dishes are my least favorite chore! The Chinet brand made cleanup a breeze, and I was able to toss out my used dishes and pack up in no time. For all of those to-go moments, the Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cup is perfect for keeping your guests' holiday drinks warm all the way home! Find more ideas for your Friendsmas at!

Whether you plan to have your Friendsmas early or closer to New Year’s Eve, I hope you take the time to enjoy your loved ones and push pause on life’s demands this year! The holiday season comes and goes so quickly; I plan on enjoying mine to the fullest, and I hope you all will too.

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