3 Products You Need to Include in Your Winter Skincare Routine

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          As the weather cools down, the humidity of summer is gone and the indoor heat makes the air even drier—stripping my skin of moisture. I have combination to oily skin that is slick during the summer months and dry during the winter. Just like my wardrobe, I have to transition my skincare routine to include hydrating products that will help me keep my glow year-round! Here are 3 products from Neutrogena's Hydroboost collection that you need to include in your winter skincare routine as well as tips on how you can create your ideal routine to deal with the cold weather and the dryness that winter brings!

Select a Hydrating Cleanser

The dry winter air can be damaging to our skin and can cause dryness, flakes, and irritation. Select a hydrating cleanser that contains hydrating ingredients and won’t leave your face feeling stripped and tight. I love Neutrogena's Hydrating Cleansing LotionIt’s fragrance-free and melts into my skin to clean off dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving a greasy residue. This lotions formula is made to increase your skin's hydration level, leaving it soft and supple to the touch!

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

Hydrating and moisturizing are often used interchangeably when talking about dry skin, but they are different. According to Dermstore, dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated with hydrating products, while dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized with moisturizing products. Dry skin is an actual skin type while dehydrated skin is something that anyone, despite their skin type, can experience. I grabbed Neutrogena's Extra Dry Hydro Boost Water Gel to apply after my cleanser. Using a heavier moisturizer was the best switch I’ve made for my skin during this chilly season! I was quite surprised at how much I loved this water gel and how soft my face felt after application. It’s a must-have!

Don’t Forget The Body

We get so caught up in making sure we put our best face forward that we neglect the rest of our bodies! Our hands usually start showing the first signs of aging and due to the loss of collagen, the skin on our hands can start to look thin and sag. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream keeps my hands soft and moisturized, which is so important during cold and flu season. I am washing my hands multiple times a day, and it helps to have a product that keeps my hands luxuriously soft even after using harsh soaps.

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Which product are you excited to try?

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