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       My Fall Bucket List: + 20 Things You Can do This Fall

          A new month means new goals and new beginnings! This month also starts Q4! There are only three months left in this decade! Isn’t that wild?! That means that you need to finally go after all those things you had on that list for this year. What do you have to lose? If you aren’t like me and don’t have the next three months practically planned out, then maybe you have a slight idea of some things you’d like to do this fall! I’m sharing ten things on my fall bucket list with you guys today as well as 20 things you guys can put on your own bucket list!

I’ve mentioned before that Fall and spring are my favorite seasons! We are finally getting to the point where it’s cooling down in the south and I bought a few Fall items today (yay)! I feel like I actually leave the house more during fall because I’m not falling off the bone and it’s actually comfortable outside. Here are the activities I am looking forward to the most this Fall season: