The Proposal Story: Our Story and How He Asked

If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) then you might not know that I’m ENGAGED! It’s been a little over three months since my fiancĂ© popped the question, and to be quite honest, I jumped right into wedding planning. We’re having a pretty short engagement, and by short, I mean six months. So our wedding is currently right around the corner, it’s getting to the nitty-gritty!  During the planning process, I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely been able to share our proposal story. It’s #fiancefriday and I wanted to share our story and how he proposed!

Our Story

Dj and I met at North Carolina State University in 2014. I’d just transferred from another college after a nasty financial aid debacle that caused me to sit out for one semester. Having to drop out of school for a semester ended up putting me behind for an entire year. As a result, I was straight off a bout of stress and depression, trying to get back into the social scene of college life.
I was originally scheduled to graduate in three years #thestruggle. So when I got to State I decided, I’m in and out. Quick and dirty. This meant:

- A couple of friends and a few associates
-No extracurricular activities (unless it’s paying me)
- NO BOYFRIENDS (too time-consuming)

I come from a background where we believe that all things happen for a reason and everything works out for your good (Romans 8:28) and with that being said, my support system felt like there was a reason my seemingly perfect college life got derailed. To that my 20-year-old self always replied “We’ll see,” and we did.

Thanks to one of my closest friends dragging me out of my dorm room one night, DJ I met. He was having a couple of people over to his house and I noticed a sewing machine and fabric was laying around. I’m super nosy and believe that the items people keep in their homes are representations of their day to day lives. This is why I don’t trust people who keep their houses spotless at all times, it’s just not normal but I digress.

I thought there were only boys living in their house, so maybe one of their girlfriends left her stuff over from a project, couldn’t hurt to ask. Turns out it was DJ’s. His grandma had taught him how to sew over the summer and he’d started making bucket hats. I noticed he created hat patterns using cardboard and pieces from hats he’d taken apart. I was impressed since I was going to school to learn the very thing he was teaching himself.

We exchanged numbers. I wanted to learn how to make hats and he said he wanted to learn how to make clothes, which seems like a fair exchange to me. I didn’t think anything of it until my friend mentioned that he thought I was cute. We ended up going to a mutual friend’s house and had a great time. It was perfect. You know, how it is in the movies? I thought to myself “I’ll never see this man again.”

A few weeks later he was done with me playing hard to get and he asked me out to dinner. In a few weeks, we will be getting married! I love how God strategically puts people in our lives in the right place at the right time. He’s good like that!

How He Asked

Anyone who knows DJ knows that he loves to pick and play A LOT. It’s something that I’ve grown to love about him. When I start to get annoyed, I remember that he keeps me playful. He’s the type B to my type A, and for that I’m grateful.

So it was our anniversary weekend. We’d been in each other’s lives for about five years at this point. The day before the proposal, I went and got a facial with a few of my friends. They kept telling me this weekend might be the weekend he pops the question. I brushed it off because DJ isn’t the typical type and honestly, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

The next day rolls around and he’s acting a little weird. Asking specific but “hypothetical” questions while we’re running our Sunday errands. I’m completely unaware that he has my ring at this point, so once again I brush it off. Normally, when it’s our anniversary we hang out do date night and go about our day. It’s rarely a weekend-long thing. So when Sunday rolled around, I was preparing to head home and get ready for the upcoming work week.

DJ didn’t seem to like that idea and wanted me to stay a little bit longer and finish the movies we ordered from Redbox. Because “The whole weekend is our anniversary weekend.” Strange. In all our five years he’s never said anything like that.

There was no food in the house so we compromised with him getting groceries and snacks for the movies and I’d work on a project in the meantime. His mannerisms were kind of odd to me, and my investigator mode set in. What was he up to? Why was he acting so weird? I texted my best friend to let her know I thought something was up. Seeing as everyone knew he had the ring, she knew it was only a matter of time before I found out what his plans were.

Shortly after leaving the house he called me to see what we needed for groceries. Me being me, I was completely annoyed because he usually makes a list and I wanted to get this project done before he got back. The whole time I was walking down the stairs I was mumbling, with him on mute of course, about how he should’ve made a list and it was getting late, blah blah blah.

Once I got to the fridge our phone call cut off. Weird. Then, all of a sudden I heard a knock on the back door. I immediately start to panic. I just knew someone was trying to break into the house. Why would they knock before crashing into the kitchen? Who knows. Maybe they were a nice burglar, but I was freaking out! As I pull a classic movie phone fumble while I’m trying to call DJ I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Teeth, or maybe it was a smile?

As I walked over to the door and pulled back the shades I realized it was DJ. Before I could even start to fuss I saw the tiki torches and candles in the backyard, along with the roses in his hand. That’s when I realized, he got me. I was unprepared for my favorite person to ask me to stand by his side for the rest of our lives.

Our proposal was simple, sweet, and just the two of us. It was only normal that he gave me a heart attack moments before and ended it on a sweet note. Since then it’s been a slew of wedding plans and preparing to make the biggest decision of our lives. I’m so grateful for every part of our journey and how it’s shaped us to be the man and woman we are today. I’m also thankful for our support system who continues to push us to greatness. Most of all, we’re so blessed to have our parents. They’ve been the representation of true love for each of us and we hope to make them proud. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see how our family grows in the future.

So that’s it! That’s our story and how he proposed. All my wifeys and wives to be, how did he ask you? For all my girlfriends and ladies waiting, how do you want to be asked? A huge shoutout to Sam, from Samuel Holt Photography. He helped keep us so comfortable during our wedding photoshoot and capture my vision effortlessly. Follow him on IG for more info and to book your next shoot here.

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