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         Hello! Turns out you want to know a little more about the twenty-something who runs this blog. My name is Angelica and I am the founder/creator of The Strong Suit. The Strong Suit is a universal blog that covers menswear, women's wear, current trends, and fashion news! I started The Strong Suit in 2014 as a creative outlet, and a way for me to keep up with the fashion industry during college. What started as a hobby is growing into so much more! I want The Strong Suit to continue to be a reliable lifestyle and fashion web resource for fashion-minded people all over the world. Here's a few FAQ to get to know me better:

What are you inspired by?

-I draw inspiration from a variety of places: music, culture, other individuals and their own intrinsic style, and art especially. I’m attracted to subjects that are strikingly unique and bold, it is hard to find authentic originality these days.

How can I get my brand/artwork featured on The Strong Suit?

-I love working with different brands and artists because it gives my readers inspiration sometimes out of the fashion realm. I prefer for all interests to be expressed through email (, but contacting me via social network is okay too! 

Does it cost to get featured on The Strong Suit?

-It currently does not cost to get featured on the blog! Which is another reason I always urge up and coming brands to get in contact with me in order to receive free publicity for the time being. You can't get better than free right?

How would you describe your personal style?

-My personal style often varies with my mood..I can go from wanting to wear all black--a leather jacket and combat boots--to deciding to go for a more feminine look and styling a sundress with strappy sandals and pastel accessories. I appreciate fashion in all its facets, so I can’t really just choose one look!

What are you currently studying?

I am currently a Fashion Development and Product Management student. The curriculum at my university covers  everything from drafting the pattern for a garment to the costing and sourcing to get it to the customers. I actually knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry since high school, which is where I  took my first fashion courses.

What are the goals you wish to achieve with this blog?

I want to keep my followers and subscribers up to date with the current news and trends in the Fashion world. I want to present them with a place they can go to in order to get information and possibly be inspired. I want The Strong Suit to be a place where I can display up and coming young designers/artists who are working hard to make in it the industry. I have so many ideas for this blog that I really hope take off. I guess you’ll just have to wait with me and see it turns out, all I can guarantee is that its gonna be an amazing ride!

          If you are interested in sponsoring giveaways, posts, or want me to shared products with my readers do not hesitate to email me at I’d love to help you in the best of my abilities.


Instagram: @Genuinely_AA
Twitter: @TheStrongSuit_

Photograph: Audience of One

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