I for one love sneakers and as a sneaker lover, there are moments in life where conditions outside make it almost impossible for me to swear my favorite shoes without at least one pair of fuzzy socks. The North Face and Vans have collaborated on a series of weatherized Vans classics that just might solve that problem!

          The 6 pairs of limited shoes have all been created to keep your feet warm even during some of the harshest winter conditions. There are three color ways of the Vans desert chukka boot that is fleece lined with a water repellant and suede exterior.

         The Sk8-Hi also comes in three color ways in this collection and also possesses water resistant qualities. They will sell for $120-$130 and will be available October 31st. The goal here is to be able to wear your sneakers but still retain heat while you're walking to class or in my case waiting at the bus to take me across campus!

         You can't have warm shoes to wear without a warm jacket, which is why the collection also includes a complimenting jacket bearing both attributes of The North Face silhouette and the legendary checkerboard pattern associated with Vans.

Photos via Complex

          I think what I love the most about this collaboration is that it is so practical! Finally something that people really need and it looks stylish! It perfectly embodies the great characteristics that we love from both lifestyle brands while still remaining true to their roots. It is a perfect blend of both companies and I might just have to snatch me a pair of the all black Sk8-Hi's!

Which shoe would you choose, the chukka or the Sk8-Hi? What color? What do you think about this collaboration?
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