Hi guys! I am back with look number two from my NYFW adventures! I mentioned in my post about look number one that I wanted to make sure that I represented all aspects of my personal style. I love to be comfortable at all costs so you will rarely see me dressed to the nines on a regular day. I wanted to wear something that had a casual feel to it, with the potential to be dressed up, which led me to this denim skirt clad in pearls.

A lot of trends and fabrics from the 90's are coming back (which means us 90's kids are officially getting old) like mesh, pearls, scrunchies, etc. I am in love with the pearl and denim trend and purchased my skirt from Francesca's as soon as it arrived in my local store. The denim keeps it casual while the pearls add and element of glam that makes you take notice. Originally I was not sure what top would look the best and I did not want to choose white as a default. During one of my brainstorming sessions prior to NYFW one of my coworkers suggested a satin top from H&M that was featured in my Valentine's Day post. I pulled out my rose gold heels and saw the match up, I could not have chosen better. It's amazing how another set of eyes looking at your closet can have a completely different perspective.

So how can you pull off this trend that seems to be taking over the runways and street style? Easy, I've got three tips for you for three different looks:

1. Street Style: Opt for a graphic tee and a nice pair of white sneakers. I am all for an edgy/flirty match up and a graphic tee will do the trick.

2. Chic: Satin, Satin, Satin! I think my satin top I chose definitely made this an Instagram favorite. The satin partners so well with the pearls and helps give it an elegant look overall.

3. "Monochromatic:" Think denim on denim with pearl accents!

I hope these outfit ideas helped you guys out, I can not wait to see what you come up with! Let me know which were your favorites or what you would like to try!

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